Mindfulness 101: Your Self-Awareness Toolkit

Discovering Peace

through Mindfulness

This online course includes:​

  • Have you ever wondered how to get off the Hot Mess Express? Here's your exit!

  • In this course, I will provide you with all the tools you need to find your way to inner peace and joy.  

  • Allow me to guide you towards mindfulness and self-awareness while teaching you to reprogram your inner critic and tap into your highest self.

  • Throughout my teachings, we will focus on helping you rediscover your happiness through relaxation techniques, grounding, meditation, breathing, journaling, and so much more...

  • Peace and joy await you. Let's get started!

  • USUALLY: $333


Hi, I'm Nichole!

First and foremost, I am a wife and mother. I have been married to my husband, Nate, for 18 years now and we have 6 children together. We have experienced a lot of heartache and stress, including losing both our dads and, most recently, our little girl passing away suddenly and unexpectedly. I know what it feels like to ride the hot-mess-express & to be overwhelmed, stressed out and full of fear.


I also know how to overcome those feelings and fall in love with your life and yourself. I now feel more than enough as a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and human. 


I am an author, artist, spiritual healer and coach. I help others find peace and joy on their journey through life. 

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